Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As you can see I haven't posted in quiet some time I had some computer problems, and got very busy, kind of. During that time I didn't post my trip to Liberty Vintage Cycles. I was at Best Buy buying a laptop and thought for the price of this laptop I could bye my self a CB 350. So I took a ride up to Philidelphia and visited Adam Of Liberty Vintage I brought a windvisor, a pair of drop bars, and some other small parts. I asked if he had any bikes for sale of course he said no, but I may have a bike I don't want or like. So out of the sky (with the help of Hannibal and a forklift) fell a 1972 CB 350 for the right price. Literally out of the sky.

Oh yeah Adam gave us a 2 min. class in wedling.

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