Friday, February 26, 2010

I was in my basement searching for a head light for my uuhh... sx 650 and opened a box and found some old stuff from my trip to Japan. My JR train pass some I need ticket signs in two languages
Trying to get tickets to Brazil soccer game in Japan. A Louis Vuitton wallet and reciept from 7 eleven where I spent most of my nights reading books.. well looking at books. I really enjoyed Japan it was a great experience the art, culture, technology, the people, and the food. I never ate so many soy beans in my life. A friend of mine is opening a natural fruit juice store called abu the juice man he asked me to build him a 80's fixed gear bicycle to display in his store. I guess that will be my next project. 1978 SX 650 pics. next one of three bikes in progress.

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